Pickpocketing – Live it, love it

Pickpocketing is one of those skills that is easy to forget about. I imagine that a “real” rogue would have the same issue…

In Netherstorm, a night elf rogue stealths up to a Sunfury warrior. He thinks, “If I get behind him, I can stun him and then slice him up good before he even has a chance to react. Oh, but wait! Maybe he has a few silver in his pocket! Let’s see!

I was an avid pickpocketer when I first learned the skill. Then I forgot about it for.. a long time. Until I read about this.


Once I heard that such a pickpocketing reward existed, I immediately wrote macros for all of my openers. Now, whether I am opening with Ambush, Garrote, or Cheap Shot, I automatically attempt to pickpocket first.

Yes, it quickly fills up my bags with Gnome Effigies, Steamy Romance Novels, and various poison mats. Still, it adds several gold in my pocket from any instance run or rep grind. I can’t believe I didn’t do this earlier in my toon’s life.


Its amazing how many mobs have pockets. I didn’t realize until my I made my macros and started attempting to pickpocket automatically. Did you know that most of the undead in Karazhan have pockets? Its become a group joke…

Dinaer receives loot: [Strong Junkbox]
Dinaer receives loot: [Flash Powder]
Dinaer receives loot: [A Gnome Effigy]
[Raid] Are you pickpocketing again, Din? Sheesh!

If I have some time between runs, I’ll go up to Netherstorm and make my way to The Heap. There’s always someone there killing ethereals to grind Consortium rep. I don’t kill anything (I’m already exalted with Consortium). Since mobs can be pickpocketed while they are in combat, I just follow someone around while they kill, and pickpocket all the ones they are fighting. The best is when a pally or ice mage is pulling 6-10 of them at once.

Tab-pickpocket-tab-pickpocket-tab-pickpocket-tab-pickpocket. Win!

Now its getting competitive, though. I let the other raiding rogue in our guild know that Spinesever existed. Now when we run together its a race to see who can get the pickpocket first. So far, no luck…


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