Counterpoint… what’s not so fun?

In an earlier post I listed some of the things that make WoW fun. Taking the opposite side of that argument, there are some things in the game that make it less fun. I’m not whining about encounters and instances that are challenging. I’m just talking about parts of gameplay that I think could be improved to create more fun.

  • Hard-to-find quests

I think this was my biggest complaint during leveling. Pre-BC there were always quests to “Find item X” or “Collect 10 of item XX” and sometimes the quest text did not give a good indication how to find the item. Running around aimlessly through the forest is a huge inconvenience. After BC, Bliizard seemed to learn from their mistake. Outland quests are much better about explaining where to go.

  • Grinding for drops

Actually, I’m not opposed to grinding for faction or for a quest. But there needs to be a little balance. I assume that there were people who played this in beta who did these quests, and I assume that there were Blizzard employees to playtested it even before that. Did no one think, “Hmmm, if we’re going to ask the players to collect 15 of this item, maybe we should make the drop rate a little better than 20%.” There were times that I had to kill 50+ of the same mob to get my quest drops. It got me great XP, maybe some junk items to sell for silver, but it stopped being fun after about the 15th mob.

  • PvP vs PvE

This doesn’t become and issue until raiding and arenas, really. Still, Blizzard has backed themselves into a corner. It must be outrageously difficult for the devs to keep class balance for both PvE and PvP. If you nerf one class because its dominant in PvP, then suddenly its not raid viable. If you buff a class to improve performance in raids, then it throws off the balance in PvP. Its created a system where everyone has a reason to complain.

I go back and forth on the “welfare epics” debate. On one hand, I don’t really care if a PvPer goes in arena and gets his good gear. However, I do have a person in my guild who is horrible at PvP… his record in arena is terrible, and half the time he goes in and loses on purpose just to get his matches in. He plays BG and loses there as well (alliance… ’nuff said). Yet he shows off his shiny new PvP weapon which is nearly as good as my Kara drops.

In order to get that Kara drop I probably spent hundreds of gold on consumables and armor repairs for raids. I also had to improve my play by wiping on the bosses repeatedly until we figured out our strategy. Then there is the time spent running weekly.

All my friend had to do is lose over and over and over. No consumables. No armor repair. Just time.

Does this actually affect me? Not directly. But if there were one DPS spot left in my raid, and he was chosen since his fancy PvP weapons gave him higher DPS, then I’d be yellin’.

I’ve always thought that the high-end PvP rewards should be PvP-only. The stats on those items are pretty PvP-oriented anyway. You could do the same with raid drops… make them PvE only. If someone wants to do both, then they have two sets of gear. I know that stance wouldn’t be popular with the PvPers, and its probably got a thousand flaws in it that I haven’t thought of because I don’t do PvP, but that’s my opinion.

  • Trash respawns

OK, I know this is a game mechanic that Blizz puts in to slow down progression. They don’t want anyone buzzing through new content in a couple of hours. But really… a half hour respawn timer? You get one, maybe two good attempts on a boss before you have to reclear. That’s not fun.

When a raid leader says, “OK, there are respawns. We’ll have to call the raid for tonight and come back next week” you can almost imagine the high-fives at Blizzard HQ.

  • Ganking

This is why I won’t play on a PvP server. When I ask my friends why they gank horde in STV, they always answer “because I got ganked there.” Its a vicious circle that has no point and no purpose other than to be annoying. Killing a member of the opposite faction who is 20 levels below you gives you no tangible reward, so the ganks don’t earn you anything but a chance to /taunt.

PvP is OK.  Quality World PvP would be better.  But a level 40 running through STV getting one-shotted by a level 70?  How is that fun?


1 Response to “Counterpoint… what’s not so fun?”

  1. 1 wrathshield
    May 21, 2009 at 3:59 pm

    1. If have enjoyed BC quests and I am enjoying Northrend ones better
    2. Try a game like SRO where I had to kill 1000 death flowers for the quest reward and you could actually go back and do it twice more if you wanted the xp again. (OUCH) Nothing in WOW has come close to that madness.
    3. Agreed – there is no way to balance this and it will be a never ending retweaking of things but then again maybe that is Blizzards plan all along muhahahaha.
    4. Not doing raids yet so not affected but I can see where it would a pain in the patooty especially if you have trouble getting your full group together weekly. (OUCH)
    5. THAT is exactly why i play on Trollbane PVE (but I thought about making a DK on a PVP server just because I want to try and kill gankers. (Hates it)

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