So… another WoW blog

Hi brave reader. That’s right – you’re the courageous one in this relationship. There are a lot of poorly written, low-on-content-high-on-QQ Warcraft-related blogs out there. And you clicked yourself to this one. How do you know that this isn’t another forgettable entry into the Twisting Nether of WoW commentary? Time will tell…

Introduction –

I have been playing WoW for about two years. My main is a 70 Nelf Rogue in a casual guild that has dabbled in Karazhan. I am the GM of that guild (not entirely by my choice, but that’s a story for another post). I also have a 40 Tankadin that I am learning to love. From day one I have played WoW with my wife (resto druid), my two brothers (warrior, hunter), and my sister-in-law (warlock). We all leveled together and learned the game together as a 5-man group. We eventually all joined the same guild.

Early in my WoW life I blogged for a while as a way of helping my family learn the game. I was the Dedicated Researcher and they were my Eager Pupils. My daily existence revolved around WoWWiki and Thottbot. Eventually I found Roguespot and BRK and Tankspot and Resto4Life and pored over them for advice on playing all of the classes in my little band of merry men. I followed the exploits of Gahlok on Frostbolt with envy, wishing that I would someday get a chance to do 40-man raids. I wrote a blog as a convenient way to disseminate my knowledge to the group. That blog faded into the void when we joined a guild. Now, after seeing the vibrant WoW-blogging community that exists online, I decided to give it another go.

What do I have to offer? Another perspective, perhaps. Many of the blogs that I read are rich with tales of triumph and frustration as they move through their T5 level content. Those are fascinating, but I cannot relate to them. I have no tales of BT or TK or SSC to share. My story is more like that of the majority of WoW players… struggling to get to higher level content against obstacles both within and outside of the game, still learning new things about my class and the intricacies of group play. Maybe that’s all been done before. But its new to me.


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